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Legalize medical marijuana? Current questions, facts and arguments – More than 4 thousand Germans consume marijuana. Merely a little part has issues with its usage, even less develop a addiction. Nevertheless, marijuana is referred to as through the plan as a devil’s things and for the search for its customers each and every year spent a billion dollars quantity. The future of the next day cannot succeed with the errors of yesterday!

Is marijuana dangerous? The Government Constitutional Court has inside a decision of 1994 “categorized the addicting possible of marijuana products as very low” (BVerfG 9.3.1994).

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The hypothesis of medical cannabis as a entrance illegal drug is now rejected by science as a misconception. Needless to say, smoking marijuana flowers is not really completely risk-totally free. Excessive consumption can result in breathing problems or difficulties in managing everyday routine. In rare instances, marijuana can trigger a latent psychosis.

Nevertheless, numerous studies show that medical marijuana is much less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. Contrary to marijuana, these lawful folk medicines strike numerous internal organs and, based on established statements, with each other state a lot more than 100,000 fatalities every year in Germany. By distinction, not really a solitary medical marijuana star is documented.

Cannabis is more and more used in medication. It is really an efficient option to pharmaceuticals for a lot of diseases, also since the risks and unwanted effects are comparatively low. From the medical viewpoint, the cannabis prohibit is unjustifiable.

Schreckgespenst “highly powerful marijuana”. The most recent specter that haunts the mass media and unsettles people is novel highly potent as well as “genetically engineered” grass. However, it is ignored that more than 25 years back, particularly the Nieder countries succeeded in reproduction more powerful types via “indoor farming” and enhanced reproduction problems. With “Skunk” and “Superskunk” and so on., there was an important rise in THC amounts. Today this is not as clear as claims by media and professionals.

Thus, the BKA presumes that there were discovers using a higher THC content material recently, but no general improve can be recorded. The Western Medication Monitoring Center (EMCDDA) has concluded that “there are no symptoms of a significant increase in drug content material” inside the European medical cannabis marketplaces.

In addition: A high THC content is no problem by itself, as long as the customer knows what he uses and may adjust accordingly in the consumption behavior. The ban stops a desirable quality control.

Drug-free society? A typical goal from the ban is total abstinence. Generously, lawful drugs are ignored. It was legally or illegally a determination from the Opiumkonferenzen, that was primarily manufactured from power plan calculus, rationally it is actually incomprehensive.

We believe a drug-free culture is neither of the two realistic neither desirable. At no cost and democratic reasons, everyone ought to be allowed to determine for themselves whether and which medicines they wish to consume. The potential risks and problems connected with the aid of hemp or other drugs are lawful and illegal. They rely on different factors: kind of drug, consumption and interpersonal atmosphere.

A ban adds additional problems: for that customer, it indicates going into a criminal milieu, without information about the standard of the medicines and becoming criminalized. For culture, the ban means most importantly more crime and therefore higher costs for police and justice.

Does the ban safeguard our kids? This is a genuine concern to safeguard the youngsters through the feasible unwanted effects of medical marijuana use. The prohibit has not yet accomplished its primary goal, lowering of provide and need. Medicines, especially medical cannabis, are definitely more contained in our society than ever and are easy to get. The four thousand German marijuana customers clearly show that the need for the prohibit is unimpressed.

For your safety of children suffers significantly by the prohibit. Underneath the problems in the black marketplace, numerous investors usually do not worry about the standard of marijuana, nor could they be thinking about the age of the purchaser or their consumption routines.

Abstinence-focused, all avoidance endeavours get around the wants and lifestyles of adolescents and adolescents. Consumption is always equated with problematic consumption (misuse). That creates this type of prevention incredible! Quite, the goal ought to be training for substance abuse, which enables individuals to manage cannabis purposely and independently.

Advantages of legalization – Legalizing medical cannabis would not get rid of the risks and issues that the substance provides! But she would be able to deal with them openly.

* Consumers could inform themselves concerning the quality and also the active ingredient content. Customers would be protected against some very dangerous pathogenic agents and impurities in marijuana. The black market will be missing out on the bottom.

* Kid safety could be more efficient if cannabis could only be marketed under governed conditions.

* Social influence could be just as feasible as the interpersonal txuwtt understanding of safe usage designs.

* No one would have to conceal his (issue) usage. Challenging consumption might be detected faster and corresponding offers of support may be more efficient.

* The region could take income taxes, create legitimate work, and incur heavy law enforcement and judicial expenses.

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